Perennial Pollinators

A great thing to consider when planning your garden is making sure there are plants that contribute to our ecosystem and provide the fuel that our pollinators need! Fun fact- pollinating insects are responsible for every 3rd bite of food we eat, and 75% of all plants require animals for pollination. Insects making up the largest numbers. They are as important to a plant's health and well-being as the right amount of light, water and nutrients. Just like humans, pollinators need food, shelter and water to survive! Shrubs & grasses are perfect for providing much needed shelter against predators. Use shallow bowls and bird baths to provide a water source for the area as well. At the bottom of this post, take a peek at our stock of pollinator friendly perennials where they can get their nutrients!

To keep the color all season, consider having varying bloom times when planning your design. Choosing plants that bloom at different or multiple times in a season not only keeps your look fresh, but also keeps the bees and butterflies from having to leave and search for another food source.

You really don't need a large area to attract pollinators. Whether is a few plants in the backyard or container garden on the patio, every little bit helps! Some beautiful annuals in a cute container can do the trick as well.

Alright, now I'm sure you're wondering what to plant to bring all of these pollinators to your garden! Here is a list below of some of the pollinator perennials we carry at Southdale!


Bee Balm


Black-eyed Susan

Blanket Flower

Butterfly Bush




Coral Bells












Now you are set up to plant your Perennial Pollinator garden that will help our ecosystem for years to come!

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