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Plant Your Trees & Shrubs in the Fall!

Fall is around the corner! The weather will start to cool soon and gardeners will slowly head back outdoors after the sweltering heat of summer. Fall is the perfect time to add new trees or shrubs to your landscape!

Fall months of September through November have distinct advantages for planting trees and shrubs. Fall planting follows the heat of summer, and happens right before the freezing winter, which trees and shrubs love. Plant roots are able to grow anytime the soil temperature is 40 degrees or higher. During the late fall/winter months, the root systems develop and become established. When spring comes around, the new expanded root system can take advantage of surging growth during spring.

When buying plants for your property, be sure to get healthy, well-grown plants. Southdale makes sure that all their trees and shrubs are well taken care of, so they are fully ready to be planted! Make sure you think about all the plant’s needs before you invest. There are many questions to think about including: Is it adapted to your area’s soil? Will it grow in the sun or shade? Does it need a wet or dry location? Southdale can help you answer all those questions and even give guidance when planning your landscaping. Good planning is a worthwhile investment to bring greater joy with your landscape for years to come, or to increase the value of your property. It is way easier to erase plants and sketch them out on paper schematics than it is to physically transplant them.

Every plant in the landscape should be well thought out. Ask yourself if you want a plant for privacy, screening, shade, or just simply enjoyment. How large will the plant be in a few years? How about 10 years? Plants will grow up and you have to remember that a small plant will look entirely different after years of growth in your landscape.

Here are some guidelines for successful planting:

Dig a hole so the root system has at least six inches of space on all sides. The root ball should rest on a solid soil foundation, so don’t dig the hole too deep.

Plant the tree or shrub a little above ground level to allow for settling and better soil drainage.

Gently place your plant in the hole, handling the plant by the root ball, not the trunk. If you break the root ball, that may kill the plant.

Fill the hole using only the soil removed from the hole. Do not use other soil when planting large shrubs and trees. Pack the soil around the plant, then water well to settle the soil around the roots.

You want to soak the root ball and surrounding soil after planting. It is essential to water the plant every 7-10 days through the fall. Watering correctly dramatically increases the success of your plant. Make sure to not water too frequently, you don’t want to promote root rot.

Do not add fertilizer to your tree or shrub after you plant it. You should wait until spring to add fertilizer. You could burn the root system, possibly killing the plant.

Before calling it a day, add 4 to 6 inches of mulch around the base of newly planted trees and shrubs. This helps to avoid weeds and keep soil moisture. Use pine bark, compost, grass clippings, or leaves.

Fall is the time for planting trees and shrubs. Be sure to visit Southdale for the best selection of plants and to receive landscaping guidance!

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