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How to Care for your Annuals during the Heat

During this time of the year it can be hard to keep annuals alive with the extreme temperatures! Here are some tips to ensure your annuals stay looking great all summer long!

Make sure that you are watering your annuals everyday.

Don’t wait for your flowers to go dry before you water them. Instead look for small signs like loss of gloss on the leaves or check the soil. Keeping your plant hydrated is important.

Plant them in mulch.

Mulch will help to suppress the weeds and also helps to hold in the moisture! Mulch is a much better option than gravel or stone because those tend to create a hot environment for the plants causing them to dry out!

Deadheading plants

Deadheading plants is the action of pinching, snapping or cutting off dead blooms. By removing the dead parts you are not only promoting new healthy growth, but you are allowing the water and nutrients to be used for the alive parts of the plant.

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