Raised Garden Beds

Raised garden beds are great for many reasons:

  • They ensure excellent drainage that so many of Iowa’s favorite plants need. This prevents losing the plant in the winter due to roots sitting in ice for months.

  • The soil in raised beds warm up more quickly in the spring for earlier planting, blooming, and harvesting.

  • Raised beds allow you to create perfect soil.

  • They minimize weeding.

You can really make raised beds out of any material you like-- concrete blocks, wood, recycled bricks, landscape timber, etc. Raised beds only really need to be 4-6 inches high, though those that are a foot or more are great as well. Just make sure they are well anchored and at least 2 inches in the ground.

One of the best reasons for raised beds is the control over the soil. Make sure you’re buying nice, moist dark soil that has little to no sand. You can also mix this with compost. One of the many myths about raised beds is that you need a barrier at the bottom. That is simply untrue. Weeds are already suffocated by the soil on top so there is no need for landscape fabric to prevent them. In some cases, a barrier may prevent burrowing animals, but even then, they can get through the fabric anyway.

Stop down to Southdale after you have your raised beds ready to get the best soil, perennials, shrubs, small trees or vegetables to fill it up!

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