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How to Plant a Container Garden

Making a container garden is fun and rewarding. You get to select your own plants, then play in dirt to create a masterpiece you can enjoy all summer! A standard container garden consists of thrillers, fillers and spillers. A thriller is the big, bold focal point of your pot. Fillers are mid-sized round plants that surround the thriller, filling up space in your container. Spillers are long hanging plants that cascade over the sides of your pot. Southdale Garden Center can help you select the perfect plants for your pot. Below is a list of all the materials you will need to start building your container garden.

1) Supplies needed for your container garden:

  1. Pot with drainage holes

  2. Small rocks/drainage tray

  3. 1 Thriller

  4. 3 Fillers

  5. 3 Spillers

  6. Soil

  7. Fertilizer

  8. Water

  9. Garden spade

  10. Scissors (optional)


2) Add rocks/drainage tray to the bottom of the pot. Next, fill the container ¾ full with soil, add a sprinkle of fertilizer and top off with a little more soil. Make sure to not overfill the pot with soil, leave some room.


3) After your pot is filled with soil, you are ready to continue. As you add your plants, break apart tangled roots at the bottom of the root ball so they can grow out. Dig a hole in the middle of your container to plant your thriller.


4) When your thriller is placed, plant your fillers evenly spaced around the thriller.


5) Next add the spillers in between the fillers.


6) Water your pot generously and use your scissors to clean up any dead flowers.


7) Enjoy your beautiful creation! Come see MolliAnn or anyone else at Southdale Garden Center for plant suggestions or questions, we would love to help!​

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